As we welcome in 2019, we will be looking to set some fresh new trends, but as a last look back we thought it would be nice to remember some of our favourites brands from 2018. 

Most of us have probably seen rebrands from big players such as Uber and John Lewis, but here are a few our favourites from 2018 which you may not have seen, or even heard of.


A subscription-based pet food supplier that creates a bespoke feeding plan and measured portions to ensure dogs stay healthy and at an ideal weight.

What we like

  • The bubbly and friendly logo & typography is very memorable
  • The logo manages to remain distinctive even when applied in different ways
  • Conveys a fun and friendly feel with happy pets
  • The warm colour palette is a little different from what you expect for pet food
  • Showing the pets names and their favourite things gives a real personal feel

Pet-Food-Branding Pet-Food-Logos Pet-Food-Logo


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Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation

The Montreal Children’s Hospital Foundation is a donor centric organisation that supports the Montreal Children’s Hospital, an internationally recognised paediatric centre. It’s vision is to transform care so that every sick child can achieve their best.

What we like

  • The video messaging ‘We speak 47 languages but it doesn’t matter, we speak children’ is very powerful
  • The icon is simple and heartwarming
  • The ‘We love’ (heart) and ‘We Heal’ (plaster) icons are endearing and speak volumes without saying anything
  • Different colours and patterns show everyone is and individual
  • The bold application is positive and fun without being over the top




UK Parliament

Not what you’d expect but The Houses of Parliament have done a great job adapting the brand with a digital-first focus.

What we like

  • The responsive logo is very well considered and works at all sizes
  • A suite of flat styled icons, graphics and infographics add character
  • The use of two core colours, purple and mint provide consistency and coherence

uk parliament logo

uk parliament brand

uk parliament brand

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German-based airline Lufthansa is one of the worlds leading airlines with a fleet of 350 planes, flying to over 200 destinations in 74 countries.

At first glance it’s hard to notice exactly what changes they’ve made as they’re so minimal. But their intentions weren’t to reinvent the brand, but to evolve what they already had. This also allows a softer rollout without older materials looking completely out of place. Overall it’s cleaner, more elegant and more sophisticated, proving how just some small adjustments can have a huge impact.

What we like

  • Shows how some subtle updates can really modernise a brand
  • They have successfully retained the heritage
  • Evolution of the Crane icon brings more elegance
  • Colour balance updates give a more premium feel without going away from the current brand






London based dog and cat charity, caring for over 7000 animals a year they believe every dog and cat deserves the best.

What we like

  • The watercolour illustrations are lovable and even without features they appear to have personality
  • The illustrations are designed to not victimise the animals
  • The strong wordmark adds authority and the serious side
  • Extremely memorable and honest
  • Flexible and adaptable for campaigns and fundraising








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