Brand Touchpoints Infographic Diagram

A breakdown of key brand touchpoints

Television Ads

TV is a great medium to reach large audiences. It can be regionalised and targeted to a degree – choosing a spot during Hollyoaks will usually rule out the over 70s – but it is considered to be more of a scattergun approach to marketing.


We firmly believe that the success of your product is firmly linked to having effective packaging design – think of Apple, Coke, Nike. With any product, whether an established brand or a new product, customers are wanting recognition and reassurance that what they are purchasing will fit their needs. For new brands it’s all about breaking through the clutter and coming up with something that little bit different – bright colours, innovative logo designs, language that fits your market – all small things to be considered but combine to make a clear statement about your brand.

Social media

Build a strong online brand presence by interacting with new and potential customers through your social media channels – a great way of tapping into what people are thinking and feeling about your brand, resolving customer satisfaction issues, sharing company info and celebrating your achievements (i.e. anniversary, product launch, new office opening). Keep it approachable and friendly and see it as a way of engaging in an informal way with people rather than a ‘sales-ey’ channel.


Like this one here, infographics are a really good way to communicate lots of information in a single image. They can look great, and often get shared virally, amongst friends and colleagues or on social media. Making them bright and bold help to get people interested and engaged with your brand.


The range of services you offer are also ways in which your brand is communicated to your target audience. So make sure that these fit with your brand values so that there is an overall message of consistency i.e. quality, customer focused, flexibility.

Direct Mail

This old favourite is still going strong and is still very popular as a way of shouting about your business or services. Often teamed with email marketing activity, it’s equally good for getting in touch with lots of people as a mass mailing, or for contacting smaller groups of people with something more bespoke. Just be sure remember not to mail people who have opted out of receiving stuff.


Advertising is a great way of raising awareness to letting people know who you are and what you do, getting your brand out there. Ranging from newspaper and online banner advertising through to billboards, radio and TV, advertising can be one of the more expensive media, but is still a really effective way of business promotion.


Sponsoring an event is an opportunity to increase your brand exposure, both in existing and potential markets. Make sure that it’s something that you are happy to be associated with though as people will subconsciously align your values to that of the sponsored event or product.


In effect a shop window into what you are offer, this one of the most important brand touchpoints today, due to this being the first place most people look for information on your business. By making sure your website is user-friendly, with a look and feel consistent with your brand identity (design, colours, imagery, the language used), it reassures potential customers that are genuine and professional.


Research shows that vehicle graphics are one of the most memorable forms of advertising, and with a reasonably low cost they are a great investment, effectively a roving brand builder.  Make sure that your vehicle graphics grab people’s attention and clearly communicate who you are, what you offer and how to get in touch.


Brochures, leaflets, data-sheets – all these things convey a sense of your organisation and what it stands for. Make sure that your brand values are accurately portrayed by ensuring all literature follows your brand guidelines and presents a professional impression of your business.


Huge and attention-grabbing, whether locally or nationally placed, billboards are a great way to increase brand credibility and gain maximum exposure, especially on major traffic routes. They can be cleverly used in terms of strategically placed messages too, plus they can’t be or opted out of either, so passers-by have no choice but to see your brand message in all its glory. Take a look at these clever billboard examples.

Word of Mouth

An often under-appreciated channel, but a very important part of your brand image. If you can get existing clients singing your praises to others then you can’t get much better than that. Make sure you are in touch with what people think of your brand with market research and customer satisfaction surveys, as any negatives can then be addressed before they become big issues that put off potential clients. This is can also be supported by careful comms on social media channels.


Who can forget the honey monster and other awesome brand mascots like Ronald McDonald, and the rotund but loveable Michelin man. Whether you love them or hate them, these brand mascots are ingrained in customers minds – a fantastic way of engaging with people of all ages, making people remember your brand.


Your offices are a direct reflection of your brand and your company ethos so think carefully about how you want them to appear. How they are kept gives customers unspoken messages about how you approach work, how your business ticks, if you can be trusted and if you are professional to deal with, so make sure they are working with you to spread the right message.


Getting an app designed is a good way of expanding market reach and growing your business – a key part of your marketing strategy. When done well, Phone apps are really good for brand engagement, ideal for mobile device users who want to connect with you whilst on the go.


Making sure your products are well branded is really important for your business and should be a crucial part of your marketing spend. By getting the initial idea right, it is often  less expensive going forward for new products and services as consumers will already have a clear idea about your product’s quality, effectiveness and what you stand for.

Trade shows and events

They say that people buy from people, and that’s why exhibiting at an event can be a really good investment. As well as a chance to showcase your brand it’s also a useful opportunity to check out what others in the industry are doing and speak to potential customers directly. Well-designed literature and great exhibition graphics all combine to form a picture of a successful and credible brand.


Email has stood the test of time as a communication channel and is still by far one of the most cost-effective ways of engaging with your target audience. Make it work harder for you and see a return on your marketing spend by using well designed email templates, writing clear copy and making sure there is a clear call-to-action.


This is a good way to create greater brand awareness but needs to be planned carefully so that its not just another jingle amongst the many others crowding the airwaves. Keep Radio adverts short and to the point, making sure your brand values shine through. Think about the specific audience you want to reach and tailor the message to resonate with them.


Signage is often perceived as a boring necessity but it can be exciting. Your business signage is a a brilliant way of building your image, confirming to existing customers that you are a credible and established organisation, plus it could also snare you new customers who may be passing by.

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