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Threerooms worked with Hallam on their brand transformation to change perceptions, engage staff and support future growth ambitions.

Hallam is an award-winning and leading Digital Marketing Agency who help businesses grow and thrive online. Specialising in Search Engine Optimisation, Pay Per Click, Web and Creative, E-commerce, Content Marketing and Digital PR.

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After the merge of two successful companies, Hallam’s mission was clear; to nurture a team of world-class experts, leading a transformation in marketing. The only thing missing was the shared understanding of the company values and vision. Hallam needed a visual identity to clarify their motives and encompass their culture in a way that their current identity couldn’t.

Hallam’s culture is built on trust, collaboration, respect, action and commitment to each other, to nurture the highest performing team, but there was no real synergy between this notion and the existing brand. They needed a consistent and iconic identity that would not only empower their customers but their staff too.

Drive to thrive

Following a series of brand strategy exercises, ‘Thrive’ was uncovered as the key verb that runs through their core. It’s the key thread that defines both their staff and their customer’s work. Their drive to thrive is what cultivates results.

The Tricon

As part of their growth strategy, Hallam shifts towards a more holistic strategic offering rather than just tactical activities. With this, the words ‘Think, Act, Improve’ is the triad that makes up the fundamentals of the Hallam brand. With all three combined in varying degrees, everyone thrives.

We needed a solid mark to depict this – a mark of quality and meaning. A mark that all audiences could recognise, understand and be proud of.

The ‘Tricon’ was born, representing the above mantra, with striking directional arrows to represent the three aspects of online growth.

The Tricon is intentionally bold so it can be used as a standalone mark; it’s memorable, unique, and represents all things Hallam. They are driven, progressive and always growing.

A consistent and strong business image

With a logical colour palette and people-focused photography, a solid, strong and inspiring brand was created for the multi-award-winning agency. It’s now been rolled out on various marketing collateral and a brand new website.

Not only that, their office interior has had an overhaul where the Tricon and various brand elements have been applied to the walls, to create a space that represents this ambitious agency.

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