Rising above abuse

Established 40 years ago, Juno (formally Women’s Aid Integrated Services), has been crucial in providing support and advice for women, teens and children affected by domestic abuse. The Nottinghamshire based charity provides specialist support 365 days a year, ranging from crisis support and drop ins, ongoing one-to-one support, through to foster care for family pets.

Brand strategy
Brand identity

Crafted messaging
Brand guidelines

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Access to support

Juno’s support is monumental in changing lives. Sadly we know that not enough people dealing with domestic abuse are aware of the ways Juno can support them. We needed to change this. Our focus throughout the rebrand was to ensure anyone who needs support or advice can easily access the help they need. We had to create a distinctive, passionate brand that ‘speaks’ to its audience. 

Rooted in heritage

This significant milestone in Juno’s identity needed crafting carefully. We set up brand workshops and a series of user and agency focus-groups. We needed to understand what Juno offered to their team and most importantly, their survivors. A naming exercise excitedly decided the new name, Juno. It was the start of a courageous and proud brand steeped in meaning. In Roman mythology Juno was the protectress of women. A perfect name and back-story for a brand which needed to reflect their strength, compassion and protective nature. 

When it came to creating the brand’s palette, there was no doubt that it needed something bold, assertive and filled with optimism. The passion and courage of Suffragettes have long been associated with the colours purple and green. A simple, strong and meaningful combination that was perfect for Juno. Purple representing loyalty and dignity and green for hope.

Simple but powerful

The brand evolved with compassion and protection in-mind. A simple yet meaningful imperfect circle became the core of the Juno brand. Its uneven edging not only represented the hardship and conflict of survivors, but the positive upward peak reflected their progression and freedom. The use of two interlocked shapes became the epitome of support for the Juno brand. A simple, powerful yet understated element. It was this shape that has become the recognised and powerful brand mark throughout the entire Juno brand.