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Acres Architects have grown quickly in the last few years. It’s natural for a business to reach a point where their logo and branding no longer reflect their status or ambition. The Acres Architects rebranding was a catalyst for change and a smart, cost-effective way to drive the business forward, raise their profile and to attract the right type of clients.

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Forward planning

An initial brand workshop delivered by Threerooms proved incredibly successful, not only in identifying the audience that the brand should speak to, but also in setting the ambitious marketing goals needed to achieve their business vision.

Their original logo was out of date and they had no discernable identity. To match their status, Acres now needed a strong brand to take them forward. A new logo was created based on a structural theme, reflecting the architecture industry, and included a stand-alone marque to be recognisable across all media channels.

A striking colour scheme was introduced for maximum impact.

Acres of space

As part of their expansion, Acres had moved to a new 2-floor office building. With a clean slate, it was an opportunity to see the brand come to life on a large scale. Working alongside their team to seamlessly blend aspects of their heritage, they wanted to reference and create an interior space which reflected them and their creativity as architects.

The result is a modern, distinctive and welcoming space that provides interest and engages both visitors and staff alike.

Bring the brand to life

The new brand is now live on a new website, throughout their office interior, and across a promotional brochure and social media.

The architects’ rebrand and ongoing marketing focus have raised the bar in a big way. Acres Architects are in a new phase of business growth, complete with an iconic brand they can be proud of for many years to come.

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