FrostyYak Ice Cream Branding Concept Illustration
FrostyYak Ice Cream Brand Concept
Frosty Yak Ice Cream Branding and Packaging Design
Ice Cream Packaging in 3D

"The story began on the slopes of Mount Everest, after a chance collision between a herd of yaks, a ski lift, a cement mixer and the Abominable Snowgoat. As the tale goes (the one we created), after the clash, once the snow had settled, what was left was a perfectly packaged frozen yoghurt. Delicious."

The Frosty Yak brand story

Tasty, healthy, lovable. What’s not to like?

Welcome to a new frozen yoghurt concept. This trending superfood hails from the almighty beasts that are ubiquitous in the Himalayas. Truly scrumptious.

Product branding
Packaging design

Crafted messaging

Our creative challenge

At Threerooms our challenge was not unusual: to create desire and intrigue for this exciting new product. What followed was a complete branding exercise that culminated in a packaging design full of character. We worked on name generation, logo design and brand identity as part of the process.

Creating the brand name

Based on research, and using our internal naming process, we conjured up a range of suitable brand names – some stranger than others – finally to settle on the intriguing ‘Frozen Yak’. It’s snappy, memorable and lends itself to a rich backstory. Everything you need from a good brand name.

Customers need to hear a good story to really believe in a brand, even if it is a little fantastical. We created a brand story specifically for Frozen Yak.

Design of the logo and packaging

The packaging design itself incorporates the mountains of the Himalayas, as well as some other cheeky characters, such as the abominable snowman. With a distinctive and light-hearted illustration style and bold blue colouring this new product stands out well amongst the competitive mix. A hand-crafted logo design seals the deal; a clear and tangible asset that customers can come to know and love.

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