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"We’re delighted with how the whole Threerooms team grasped our ambition for Bedrock. Feedback from our clients and others in our sector has been incredibly positive."

Caroline Shutter, Marketing Manager, Bedrock

Branding is straight-talking for Bedrock

Say hello to Bedrock, the straight-talking tax advisors. We loved every minute of designing this exciting new brand and both client and customers are really pleased with the outcome.

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New brand for tax advice specialists

This new straight-talking tax advisor is pure and simple; offering transparent tax advice to underpin business success. From a new website to printed literature, the vibrant, clean, approachable branding reflects the reliable tax advisory service that’s embedded within the business.

Changing perceptions of an industry

Negative impressions of their industry were common, so the aim of this new brand was to promote a fully-compliant and forward-thinking approach towards the tax industry. Bedrock sought help with the development of a new business brand, including the name, logo, brand identity and guidelines. They needed a vibrant, fresh and simple brand design which embodies the straight-talking tax advice they provide and helps businesses make the best possible decisions, whilst complying with HMRC regulations.

A vibrant and approachable brand

What followed was a thorough brand development process that involved name generation, logo design and brand identity. Bright, bold images were used across all aspects of the brand, with contrasting colours to making the visual effect more impactful. The use of vibrant colour and solid, curvaceous shapes, and rounded, clear typefaces, a strong brand identity is developed. From the company website, we branded printed collateral, stationery, leaflets, postcards and much more. The result? A very happy client and successful brand launch.

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