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Market leading swimming brand design for UK provider

The Institute of Swimming is the largest provider of aquatics teaching and coaching courses in the UK. Their purpose is to train proficient and professional teachers and coaches to help create a qualified and effective workforce that can get the nation swimming.

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A brand to reflect their forward-thinking approach

The Institute of Swimming came to Threerooms at a critical point for them and their brand. Changes in their core directives going from being part of Swim England to an independent body necessitated change. And it needed it be a bold move to show their intentions.

Having established the current brand for 14 years, the identity was outdated and unfitting for their broad target audience and future ambitions. They needed a robust brand that would position their innovative and market leading approach to online and blended learning.

Shaping a creative through research

From a thorough brand workshop, researching the market trends, developing the brand and the subsequent roll out across a vast catalogue of digital and print material, this was the kind of meaty project we love to immerse ourselves in.

An agency partnership

Over the past few months we’ve developed a strong relationship with the team at Institute of Swimming. We love the passion, commitment and enthusiasm they bring to their subject, and consequently the rebrand so we’re looking forward to working with them on future communications.

The result

The Institute of Swimming now have a strong logo and modern brand identity that enables them to promote careers in swimming more effectively, and keep customers engaged for longer. They now have a brand they can to grow into with their new role and help them retain their position of being the provider of choice for swimming teaching and coaching courses throughout England.

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