Solid and modern brand for leading metals group

Threerooms evolved Leengate’s visual identity with the aim of bringing a modern and forward-thinking look & feel to the company’s 29 year-heritage, as part of their strategy to reinforce their leading position and better present the added value they provide.

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Leengate were in an exciting phase of the business when they engaged with Threerooms. With proposed changes to business structure and a new focus on modernisation, they were keen to refresh the Leengate business image.

Leengate is one of the largest multi-metal engineering and stockholders in the UK. Operating out of service centres in Nottingham and Tipton, and from a distribution hub in Bedford, they have provided an unparalleled service to their customers, both large and small, since 1990 and continue to do so.

By continuing to be close to their customers, serving them with the highest quality of products and services, they needed their brand to reflect their position as the leading metals supplier in the Midlands region.

A better suited brand

With a long and successful history, it was important that the new branding was managed carefully to retain the sense of being established, whilst projecting a modern and forward looking brand.

Starting with our very own deep-learning strategy, we uncovered what makes Leengate great, what sets them apart from their competitors and what motivates their key audiences, to help us understand their message and brand goals.

The result

With a strong device, bold typeface and a limited colour palette, a solid identity was created. It was applied across various office and marketing collateral and their office space to ensure all touch points were covered.

The unique 3 line device is fourfold. It depicts the cutting of the metal, the metal sheets, stacking of the metal and 3 approval ticks. It’s intentionally flexible so it can be used in different ways to create interesting layouts.

This device, coupled with bold type, clarifies the core messages and makes the brand more prominent.

The result? A very happy client and successful rebrand.

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