Discover Ashfield A place branding

Changing perceptions for Ashfield with aspirational place branding

Ashfield District Council partnered with Threerooms to create an aspiring and authentic brand to resonate with different audiences within the Ashfield community. The initiative aims to invigorate Ashfield, raise its profile, boost growth and create a sense of pride in the community.


  • To promote Ashfield in a positive manner
  • To create pride and aspiration in the Ashfield community
  • To improve the vibrancy of the town centres in Ashfield
  • To encourage and promote inward investment, through education and business
  • To raise skill levels in the community
  • To support tourism and the visitor economy in the Ashfield area

Brand strategy
Brand identity
Marketing toolkit
Digital brand guidelines

Discover Ashfield

With a series of workshops and consultancy sessions, we immersed ourselves in the group objectives to fully understand the various activities and audiences within the initiative, and more about the Ashfield area. One to one interviews with different members of the community meant we could gather valuable insight to help shape a solid theme for the brand.

It became clear that we needed to dispel negativity about the area and its perception. Looking back won’t help, but a concerted effort and positive attitude will bring future benefits for everyone. We have a chance to make a ‘quiet voice’ louder – a chance to ‘become better’, take more pride in the area, raising awareness of what is already there and what is possible in the future.

So the theme of ‘to discover’ was developed. And the name ‘Discover Ashfield’ was established.

A structured brand

The concept is centred around the Ashfield area. The ‘A’ in the logo is a strong, recognisable and unique icon derived from places and heritage from Ashfield. It’s an identity they can own. Along with a positive colour palette and aspirational imagery, a bold and vibrant identity works to carry the core message; discover Ashfield and come visit, live, or work here.

To build a solid brand that resonates with all audiences, we developed a clear brand architecture to show how the sub-brands fit within the overarching brand.

Then came a set of core top level messages and succinct key audience messages to ensure consistency across all activities and communications.

Bespoke illustrations

We created custom illustrations for each conurbation, and an overarching piece for the main Ashfield area. Landmarks and buildings can be recognised from the illustrations, which aims to pull in the sense of pride.

A brand they can love

The group are all set with an umbrella brand that can be translated across various focuses and marketing communications. We’re looking forward to our continued partnership working on specific campaign materials.

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