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“Threerooms have been instrumental in the successful creation of the Nuvias branding, from early stakeholder interviews through to the brand strategy and identity. They have been our project partner in the true sense of the word."

Talida Evanson, Regional Marketing Manager, Nuvias

A global brand identity for a new kind of IT distribution business

Introducing “Nuvias”, the pan-EMEA, high-value IT distribution brand. Operating in over 20 Countries, the group has 14 offices across EMEA.

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Creating a global brand identity

IT Distribution is a fast-moving industry. It’s not only critical to the integration and adoption of new technologies but helps fund and fuel its development. Despite the expectation, many B2B IT companies are slow to adapt their brands, either due to complexities of scale or echo-chamber marketing. Threerooms needed to create a modern, global brand identity to reflect the frontline of technology. A brand to stand the test of time.

First, we understood the essence of the brand

Working as advisors to the board and senior marketing teams we helped to uncover the essence of the business and created a visual identity that embodied it. Starting with in-depth meetings and discovery sessions, we sought to learn as much as we could, developing the brand’s DNA, purpose, values, and positioning, along with customer personas and tone-of-voice.

Managing the whole process

Over a period of several months, Threerooms managed the initial brand discovery, logo design and brand identity and then the roll-out across a wide range of applications, including marketing materials, interiors, website and a native mobile app. The brand is continuing to launch to the market as businesses progressively adopt the new branding. A new phase of the website is already being planned.

A ‘full-spectrum’ design principal

Understanding the business and service structure enabled us to create a colourful visual theme for the brand. A rainbow colour scheme represents the ‘full spectrum’ of service areas on offer. In nature, if all the colours of the rainbow are combined it yields white light. White became the dominant colour of the brand, bringing a natural sense of lightness and meaning.

Ready for launch

When ready, we released the new branding internally, briefing staff on the background and meaning of the brand, before launching at an industry press conference. The brand has been released across EMEA in multiple countries and offices with very positive feedback both internally and externally.

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