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"Threerooms have been superb ever since we began working with them. They've delivered great work, on time and to budget, every time. They've become a valuable part of our operation, even working with our team to improve their skills."

Jonathan Dolby, Marketing Director, Microlise

A long term relationship built on a shared passion for excellent work and great results.

Threerooms work with Microlise to provide creative design support when they need it most. Whilst they have an in-house design and marketing team, Microlise can tap into high-level design expertise, as an when they need it. It’s a relationship that delivers great results.

Brand identity
Marketing communications
Brochure design
Website design
Email marketing
Presentation design

Leading marketing materials

We support a host of their internal and external marketing activities, from e-mail marketing to website design for several new sites. A key element of our work with Microlise included the development of an identity for their new digital magazine that would act as a template for a series of monthly publications. Involving name generation, brand identity development and design of a fully interactive PDF template, as well as a print version. The magazine has been a huge success and will be seeing its fifth run in the coming months.

Raising the sales game

Since working with Microlise, we have developed an interactive corporate presentation for use by the sales teams, covering everything they need to say with an effective navigational system. This has already proved really successful and we are only ever adding to it as it evolves. With continued work on their website and marketing initiatives, we make sure we’re adding value at every opportunity and on hand for daily support.

Illustration and infographic design

One of the more enjoyable tasks for our creative team has been to hand draw an illustration to represent Microlise’s whole product and service offering. The detailed infographic captures the whole landscape of logistics and technology. It’s a unique and carefully crafted piece.