Digital Magazine Layout

Reaching and engaging with a diverse and disconnected group of readers around the globe is no mean feat. The British Education Research Association (BERA) is tasked with doing just that.

A careful review: what works, what doesn’t

Threerooms was invited to actively review the current editions of the print and digital magazine. Its task was to make suggestions on how to improve the design and reader experience of the academically renowned Intelligent Research (RI), published three times a year. RI’s task is to update readers of BERA’s activities and showcase the work of its members.

Cover-to-cover magazine design

After a complete the review it was apparent simple changes to font colours and imagery would give a very different experience, along with a new layout style to connect with and retain reader focus.

The new cohesive style had to be developed to be sensitive to the complex and sometimes sensitive issues covered in RI and work well in both a print and interactive format. Along with a new, flexible template, Threerooms completely redesigned the cover, including designing a new masthead (the magazine identity) and creating a specific cover illustration style.

Delivering a contract of quality

The long-term nature of the relationship has allowed a unique through and effective process to be developed to ensure the magazine can be delivered comfortably within the tight deadline.

Working on so many issues has allowed us to provide ongoing support, recommendations and design advice to make this a truly collaborative project while ensuring ongoing quality and consistency.

The initial contract was for three years but was later extended allowing the partnership to continue long into the new BERA era.