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A new brand born from passion

Trying to launch a new brand on your own can be tough and entrusting someone else with something so close to your heart may seem daunting. Threerooms worked closely with Ghazala, the founder of Gel Works, to create an exciting new brand for her line of gel polish, supporting her and becoming an integral part of her operation.

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Creating a brand identity

As a new company, we needed to create a brand what would help Gel Works stand out in the world of beauty. Through our brand DNA workshop, we uncovered key aspects that shaped the development of the brand.

By listening, understanding and defining the brand DNA, we discovered what made Gel Works unique from competitive brands, and developed a new brand identity to allow Gel Works to truly flourish.

Luxury redefined

As part of the brand, we needed to create its ‘face’ –  the logo. For this, we pooled our inspiration from our earlier brand workshop and crafted a bespoke handwritten logo that reflects elegance and luxury. The handcrafted nature of this logo not only mirrors a high end feel, but loosely mimics the fluidity of polish.

We also wanted to reflect a sense of power behind the product. The product itself does more than any normal gel polish, therefore we wanted to mirror this sense of greatness through the visuals. The way in which bold, coloured ink moves within water is beautiful – however the crashing and merging of the ink gives way to beautiful photography and gives the brand that much needed sense of drama.

Watching this project come to life both conceptually and physically, with the design and creation of beautiful packaging, has been a great experience and it’s fair to say we loved working with Gel Works.

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