An uplifting campaign to promote health and activity in Ashfield

Threerooms worked with Ashfield District Council on their Feel Good Families campaign, in a bid to engage inactive families into community sport and physical activity opportunities. 

The project aims to improve the health of the community, encourage community spirit and meet the aims of the Discover Ashfield initiative to invigorate Ashfield, boost growth and create a sense of pride in the community.

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The motivation

The latest statistics from Sport England suggest that a large proportion of families take part in less than 30 minutes of physical activity a day. This is a fair leap away from the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines of 60 minutes of activity for every day of the week.

With this in mind, Ashfield District Council proposed an initiative to help motivate it’s community by creating a brand that would engage and encourage families to be more active together.

It was essential for the brand to engage inactive families within the Ashfield district into sport and help recognise physical activity opportunities within their local community. Creating an identity that engages families of all ages, with a primary focus on families with primary school children, was key.

An inclusive and accessible brand

A vibrant, welcoming and engaging identity was needed to resonate with families. We needed a brand that would shift a perhaps restricted mindset into an ambitious mindset. We wanted individuals to realise that they can be part of an active lifestyle, rather than feel it’s not for them.

From energetic bespoke illustrations to lively colours, the project encourages families within the Ashfield district to explore together, cook together and get out and about together through wellness and physical activity.

Starting with the name, it needed to encompass the core goal behind the project. ‘Feel Good Families’, was the perfect choice alongside a logo crafted around wellness.

The positive and motivating illustrations add a key layer to the brand. They bring a bold and exciting edge which is unique to the look and feel of this identity. The playful illustrations resonate perfectly with families. The icons allow for interchangeable lockups and different collections, ensuring the longevity of the project.

Colour choice was another key consideration for this brand. It needed to be be strong and aspirational, yet keep the target audience in mind. An uplifting purple was used for the primary brand colour, which sits perfectly along side a lively secondary palette. With all elements working together, it has an energetic and friendly approach.

A brand for the community

It was key for this brand to ‘feel right’. It raises a positive lifestyle awareness that benefits the community, promoting anything from picnics, themed walks, treasure hunts and cooking classes. Encouraging families to spend their spare time being active together underpins this brand and we look forward to seeing the project rolled out across Ashfield.