The perfect companion

Through a genuine passion for food, founders Charlie and Natalie created Saicho, a selection of non-alcoholic sparkling drinks. Charlie and Natalie wanted to bring food-pairing to non-alcoholic drinks. By fusing cold-brewed tea with eastern inspired ingredients, they crafted unique infusions of flavours that pairs perfectly with food.

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Finding an alternative

Charlie and Natalie explored the eastern influence of tea. Teas have such an incredible variety, from floral to fruit and nutty to smoky. It was these flavours that inspired their range of non-alcoholic drinks. Infused with a unique blend of flavours, we needed to craft a brand just as special.

Crafting the brand

From digital, packaging and print, creating Saicho was an exciting and unique project. But first, we needed a name. We delved into a wealth of Eastern culture. We became familiar with great eastern dynasties and fantastic fable tales. One that hit the mark was the story of Saicho. Ancient recordings reveal the first batch of tea seeds were brought by a priest named Saicho in 805. With the brand’s eastern influence, Saicho seemed the perfect name for a drink created from tea.
The logo needed a careful approach. It needed to embody eastern inspiration. To mimic the delicacy of brushes used in eastern culture, yet modern to add a unique feel to the brand. We created a recognisable and bespoke emblem. Two cranes in perfect symmetry, symbolising good fortune and happiness from eastern culture.
We wanted to create an elegant, yet daring brand for Saicho. Dark and colourful illustrations create drama, whilst the styling links to eastern heritage. For the packaging, pops of shimmering gold create a regal look. We also added textured paper, which adds the perfect juxtaposition against the gold. Saicho is a unique product with unique ingredients. it was important to showcase where the unique blend of flavours are sourced. We made the longitude and latitude of key ingredients a prominent feature. Saicho is a brand encased in eastern heritage. It was exciting to see all the elements come together. We love this unique, daring and luxurious brand.
With everything in place, the Saicho brand creates a unique non-alcoholic dining experience. Saicho offers the perfect pairing for food, in the comfort of your home, or for fine-dining.