Education software rebranding boosts market position

Deventio Education creates innovative software to help schools, colleges and universities to be more effective. See how our brand strategy, software rebranding and new website help to reposition this successful tech business.

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Brand identity

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Defining a more competitive brand position

Following many years of success, it was evident that Derventio’s leadership team had been putting all of their energy into their clients, leaving little time to focus on their own brand and marketing.

The Threerooms’ brand team first provided consultancy and a brand workshop to rediscover who Derventio was and what made them so special to their loyal customers. This became the blueprint and catalyst for a refresh of their corporate identity, product brands, marketing and website.

Launching a customer-centric website

Once the ball was well and truly rolling, a review of the current marketing revealed some opportunities, one of which was the website. Threerooms carried out a website review and online strategy to help transform the existing website, a little dated and confused, into a modern and genuinely customer-centric experience.

The decision was taken to put the emphasis on the products, rather than the company, as this was primarily what the customers were interested in. The successes, experience and heritage we’re important but secondary to this. The result is an elegant website that has outperformed its predecessor. Why? It resonates with users and delivers information with ease. Simple really.

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