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UCL University Recruitment Campaign Concept
UCL University Recruitment Campaign Online Advertising

"Well done for achieving this with great design as always whilst highlighting both the advantage of training here whilst also shouting about what great people we have teaching the actual courses".

Sally Mackenzie, Head of Student Engagement

University recruitment campaign promoting No.1 training at UCL

From initial concept to messaging, copy and design, we’re proud to reveal our standout university recruitment campaign for UCL. Our approach cuts through the noise of the competitive market for teacher training courses, promoting the key aspects of this award-winning London university.

Marketing campaign
Creative copy and message

Online design

A world-leading institution in the heart of the capital

A need for large numbers of undergraduates and career changers interested in teaching led to the birth of this campaign. Increased competition and a removal of capped recruitment levels identified a critical need to secure more students and to promote the benefits of UCL against other organisations.

Handcrafted copy translates ideas into reality

We crafted a range of headlines and tag-lines which focused on the world-leading quality of the teaching staff. A bright colour palette complemented vibrant imagery portraying real-life classroom scenes. The ‘Teach your potential’ tagline emphasises just how far people can go in their career whilst clear call to actions act as additional prompts.

Results to add brand value and credibility

A great campaign which has lead to increased course enquiries along with more people signing up to come along to related open days. We have since worked on many projects including an international campaign, student feedback campaign, the university prospectus, digital materials and exhibition graphics.

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