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Launching an innovative education brand at BETT

We brought together all of our brand, creative and digital experience to create and launch a new education platform at BETT, the largest education show in the UK. From logo and identity to the website, from product videos to an exhibition, here’s how we helped launch an exciting new education platform.

Brand strategy
Brand identity

Brand guidelines
Website design
Video and animation
Creative launch campaign
Exhibition design
Messaging and tagline

Getting ready to launch

With projects in 27 countries on 4 continents, Siveco is one of the most successful regional leaders in eLearning, eHealth, eAgriculture, eCustoms, eGovernment and eBusiness from Central and Eastern Europe.

Seeing an opportunity to capture the imagination of a UK audience, Siveco created Wand, an education platform for teaching staff to share ready-made, editable resources with their students. The platform also lets teachers monitor the development of individuals and groups.

Cloud-hosted and with drag and drop functionality, the product has excellent appeal for teachers, learners and school leaders. Such a great product needed a great brand and marketing. That’s where we excelled.

Bringing the brand to life

Once we had established the core brand and identity, we readied the Wand team with a raft of powerful marketing tools. These included a product video, filmed on-location at a school; and animated explainer, giving viewers a 90-second overview of the product; email marketing and a launch campaign as well as a premium digital product brochure for lead-gen at the event.

Appealing to an online audience

As with all new brands, the website presence is critical to its success. We carefully planned, designed and launched a new website that told the story of Wand, giving an interactive experience and showcasing the video footage we created. Take a look at the live website for yourselves >

Getting to the show on time

With a new brand, marketing materials, campaign, website and more, it was time to launch Wand to the UK. The venue was BETT at Excell, London, the largest education show in the UK.

We worked closely with our client and BETT’s in-house stand construction team to design a stand that reflected the brand and created impact within the available budget. We created 3D visuals to help plan the stand well ahead of the build. Seeing the brand come to life in an environment like this is one of the most rewarding moments of a project. Needless to say, we were there to see it in person.

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