Corporate branding has to convey the essence of a business and what it stands for. It’s central to building trust and evoking emotions that lead to loyalty, customer retention, and growth.

First off, what is corporate branding?

Think of a big, successful corporate company. Apple, Coca-Cola, Nike. An image should instantly appear in your mind. Together with that image should be an emotion, a memory, a feeling of trust. That is corporate branding.

Why is corporate branding important?

People choose corporate brands because of reputation. Be it reliability, taste, or level of service, loyal customers return again and again to a specific brand. Corporate branding can be so powerful that it alters actual perceptions and physical reactions, like taste. Blind tests have shown that participants will swear to prefer their trusted Heinz baked beans over supermarket own brands, only to be proved wrong. 

This shows that customers make decisions based on emotion. In fact, 95% of purchasing decisions are based on emotion. So corporate branding needs to go much further than shapes, colours, and fonts.  

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What corporate branding should do 

Much more than just the use of graphics and a logo, corporate branding should convey the core values, personality, and mission of a company that people relate to, connect with, and above all remember. 

Let’s take the three examples above and look at why their branding works: 

Apple – Very minimalistic in style, Apple’s branding breathes the confidence that its customers have in its products. It has a classy, touching-on-luxury feel that inspires trust, which is why people opt for Apple over other technology providers. 

Coca-Cola – Nostalgia will always be part of Coca-Cola’s brand, as it has been around for so long and sparks many memories. That said, it has moved with the times and evolved its product offerings and branding in line with healthier living, regularly using celebrities as brand ambassadors. 

Nike – A brand that appeals to both athletes and the general public, its iconic tagline “Just Do It” speaks to any number of audience personas, whether they are competing in the Olympics or just going to their local gym. Events sponsorship has helped consolidate the Nike brand, as has introducing new called-for products, such as the Nike Pro Hijab.

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5 tips for creating great corporate branding

Corporate companies are targeting phenomenally large target markets over vast geographical areas, often transcending several generations at a time. Creating an overall brand for this is challenging to say the least, but it is critical for success. Here are our five top tips: 

    1. Don’t be too corporate – Paradoxical, we know, but in the world we live in, customers are connecting with brands in so many different ways, often informally via social media, forums, or live chat. The general feel is a lot more personal.
    2. Tell a story – Corporate branding has to stand the test of time, and storytelling is a great way to keep people engaged and influence emotions. This takes customers beyond the traditional buyer-seller relationship.
    3. Be dynamicMany corporate companies are leading the way in their industry, often regarded as thought-leaders. Bland branding does not go with this image. Dynamism, flair, and creativity is needed!
    4. Don’t be facelessThe bigger a company gets, the harder it is to keep that personal touch. Use your branding to help you do this.
    5. Take risksTo disrupt a market and make sure you rise above the rest, an element of risk is needed. Be bold with your branding choices, publicly support good causes, or take a stance on a controversial topic – these all count towards connecting people to your brand and making you memorable. 

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