“Crickey! Is that time of year already?” Don’t worry, our Creative Marketing Tips for Christmas is for all those last-minute-seat-of-the-pants marketers out there.

Businesses have used Christmas as a prime marketing time for generations. It’s a hot time for sales and is considered an essential date in the calendar of many global nations. It’s a time for families and friends to come together to enjoy food, drinks, gifts, and, of course, a good Christmas marketing campaign.

Threerooms are a Creative Agency, right? Marketing is ‘our thing’. Right! We’ve thought about Christmas well ahead of time and had a campaign ready to go by mid-June. Errr, nope. (Hides shameface). Yep, year-on-year we’re so busy working on clients’ Christmas campaigns that ours inevitably take a back seat.

Good news for you is that we’ve got some tricks up our sleeve. Here are some quick Christmas marketing ideas that will spread the festive love at the last minute.

(Remember, in many businesses, staff start to leave from the 18th December, so, if you’re sending something out, you’ve got to get in there asap.)

Mince Pie Branded Wrap OnPage Banner

Say it with a branded wrap

Buy some lovely chocs or other seasonal delights (mince pies, crackers, puds etc.) and give them an extra layer of love – a branded wrapper. This not only gets your brand back under the customer’s nose but also gives them a treat at the same time. It’s a win-win (our favourite kind of win).

You can get card or paper wraps printed quickly and cheaply (even complete with pre-installed sticky tape). You can probably turn the whole thing around in 7-10 days and hit Santa’s all-important deadline, the staff holidays when everyone disappears for his or her days off and a large sherry tipple.


> Can be made cost-effective
> Feels more personal than many branded promotions


> If you do the fulfilment yourself it will be time-consuming
> Personal delivery is where possible but takes ages and postage can add up

Promo Winner On-Page Banner

Host an online competition

Kicking out a digital campaign will most likely be quicker and cheaper than producing something printed and posted.

First, think of a theme. A festive Q&A tends to work well. Post different questions or challenges at regular intervals leading up to Christmas and give prizes for correct answers. You could have one overall winner or several different winners each day. It’s up to you.

Your closest clients will love it, plus you can capture some new ones. Get this campaign promoted with some targeted social media advertising and hit your target audience when they’re feeling most festive. Capture their details with an online form when they sign-up, and you can market to them in the New Year. Another win-win. (Hmmm, tasty.)


> Quick and cost-effective
> Fun and engaging
> Great for capturing new leads


> Your most valued clients might not feel the love
> You will need to dedicate time to manage the campaign

Baking Challenge OnPage Banner

Set a ‘doing’ challenge

With little time, why don’t you get your customers and network to do all of the hard work? Set a doing challenge, sit back and pour yourself a warm mulled wine.

Challenge your network and contacts to draw an elf, bake a Christmas tree cookie or take a selfie with the best-looking Santa. Ok, the ideas might need some work, but you get the message. People love a challenge, especially when there is a chance for some limelight (so vain).

If you have a bit more time and resource then send out some equipment, like a recipe along with the ingredients for baking gingerbread men, you can then have fun judging the results at your offices and on Twitter, giving prizes out for the best results.

The good news is, this can be done quickly and doesn’t require too much of your time to make it happen.


> Fun and engaging
> Great for social media engagement
> Has that warm Christmas feeling about it


> People are busy, and results can be limited
> It’s a bit tricky to get this one right (but it can be great if you do)

Jagermeister 12 Days of Christmas Image

Share “12 Days of Tips”

Try a fun and quirky take on surviving Christmas by sharing a “12 days of tips” series to your contacts and clients, spreading Christmas cheer in a jiffy.

Get a dialogue going on social media, asking for their own survival tips. You could then use them in the series or give awards out for the best – the awards don’t even need to cost anything even, just recognition of the “Laziest Darn Christmas Survival Tactic Ever.”

This Christmas marketing campaign works on a shoestring and can be delivered entirely by email and on social media. You can keep text content to a minimum and all associated graphics simple as part of a consistent series.


> Provides engagement over an extended period
> Great for social media engagement
> Can be fun, expressing your personality


> A bit passive, not creating much impact
> Needs a push on social media and to be on-hand for comments/shares

Charity Donation OnPage Banner

Make a charity donation

Christmas is a time for giving, and that resonates with many people at this time of year. Rather than pile all of your budget into printing, PPC and postage, do something more rewarding and donate to a good cause. While this does feel like a great thing to do, as an engaging campaign, it is a last resort.

Choose a charity that you feel close to and do something amazing. You can then send out a short communication to your database explaining how, this year, you’ve decided to give back on behalf of your business and all of your clients (make it their thing too!). It will make you look like a hero and get you out of a tight spot with your Christmas Marketing Campaign.


> Quickest to implement
> Huge feel-good factor
> Great for company CSR


> Secretly, clients may feel shortchanged
> It doesn’t rank highly on the ‘wow, that’s interesting’ scale

That’s it folks. Over to you.

We hope you found something useful for your own (last-minute) Christmas marketing campaign. Still stuck then give us a call, there’s still time to make it all happen.

As a final thought, what are we all going to do next year? Get it planned in early! (We said that last year). Have a good one!

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