With experience of working with national Universities, colleges, and many suppliers to educations, you can count on us as your specialist design agency for education. Whether that be creating a mobile app for students, new prospectus design or course recruitment campaign, we’ve been there, done it and designed the t-shirt.

Design Agency Education Logos

We know it’s tough finding new ways to boost enrollment figures, increase student engagement and come up with innovative campaigns. We’ve got over 10 years experience doing just that, and that’s why some of the UK’s leading education establishments choose us as their creative partner.

The creative spark in your marketing team

With so many colleges and universities around you want to grab attention and make sure that your organisation is the obvious choice. We can help to make sure that your materials all push the boundaries and grab the attention of prospective students whilst remaining on brand, professional and relevant.

A fresh look at your communications

Providing an external pair of eyes is invaluable when considering your communication materials. When you are too close it’s easy to develop a case of creative fatigue and be unable to work out a way forward. By combining your in-depth knowledge of your institution and audience with our design insight and experience we can create a winning partnership.

Add impact and streamline your prospectus process

The words: “new prospectus design” can elicit a wave of panic amongst the marketing team, worried about how to manage the large and challenging process. We’ve developed an approach that makes the prospectus design process as hassle-free and productive as possible, without compromising on content, design, production or overall user-experience.

Get more from your advertising budgets

We are fully aware of the challenges faced in your industry. We are able to work with you to come up with creative concepts that get results whilst remaining on budget. By getting back to basics we work with you to establish where you are and where you want to be – from here we can develop creative solutions that are right for you.

Use mobile technologies to deliver more to your students

It’s really important to react and embrace mobile technologies in education today. Staff, students and parents are all mobile savvy, using them in every aspect of their lives.

More and more of your brand interactions with current and potential students are going to be through phones and tablets. Have you considered launching a responsive microsite to promote open days and events? How about a mobile app to showcase events at freshers week? Perhaps you need a hassle-free email marketing solution to promote events to parents? That’s exactly where we can help.

“I just want to say that we are very happy with the material provided by Threerooms so far and appreciate how smoothly the project has been running over the past few months.”

Paul Rainbow, Brand Manager, IOE London

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