It’s our goal to create unique and powerful brands, this is achieved by considering every last detail, no matter how small. Lee explains why all brands should have their own custom icons.

One of those details are icons, yes they are often displayed small so you might think why bother. However, a good custom icon set will help differentiate and reinforce your brand, they’ll be more attention-grabbing and visually inspiring than off-the-shelf default icons.

Why you need custom icons

Professional and cohesive

Yes, there are free off-the-shelf icons but they just haven’t been fully considered as part of your brand. You’ll stand little chance of getting them working together as a set, or even finding the right icon for the context you need.

A successful icon set should be consistent, even small discrepancies such as heavier line stroke can visually upset your brand and confuse the user. We look at ways to make your icons individual and unique to your brand, use of colour, angles and shapes are all ways that will mean you get a professional, cohesive icon set.

Distinctive but recognisable

The best icons are distinctive but recognisable, they are tweaked so they are immediately identified but carry your brand personality. Take Twitter as an example, the home icon is changed from a house to a birdbox and the pencil is changed to a quill, they really tie into the brand.

Easy to use and no confusion

No more ‘shall I use a laptop, a mouse cursor or maybe the globe’ for my website icon. A custom icon set means everybody within your organisation knows which icon to use and for what purpose. The user gets a consistent experience across all your platforms and channels.

When we create an icon suite we supply a range of file formats so you can use both digitally and in print. We can also give design guidance so your internal design team can create new icons as you need them.

Don’t settle for default icons

Let us craft your brand the icon set it deserves and needs.
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