Five Idea Friday - Marketing Tips and Hacks

From life and work hacks to marketing tips and tricks, our team share five quick super-powered ideas that can make a big difference. Here’s our favourite five for March.

1. Write more human

Category: Content

When writing copy, to get a more human-sounding narrative, try reading it out to a colleague. If it doesn’t roll off the tongue, then it probably isn’t working on the page and needs an edit. The longest sentence ever is claimed to be composed of 1,288 words. Ouch!

2. Speed up those web pages

Category: Web

Load speed is an essential factor for a website in both page ranking and customer experience. Make sure that you compress images before adding them to your site. Try using TinyPNG if it isn’t already a feature of your CMS.

3. Getting the juices flowing

Category: Creativity

When holding an ideas session in your business, start with a warm-up exercise to break the ice and get the creative juices flowing. A generous supply of cookies and coffee helps too.

4. Find your focus with Pomodoro

Category: Productivity

A busy office isn’t always the best environment to concentrate. When you need to knuckle down try the use the Pomodoro principal of 25-minute work sprints; set a clear, achievable objective, don some good quality headphones and hit the start button.

5. One-click webpage screenshot

Category: Tools

Want to add screenshots to your presentations or reports? Don’t mess about with ‘Print Screen’ get a neat browser app that screenshots a whole webpage, top-to-bottom, with just one click.

That’s it for now folks. See you next time for more marketing tips and productivity hacks.

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