Due to Brexit, the European Commission has announced that EURid (the registry responsible for .eu) need to revoke .eu domains registered to UK addresses. In this post, we explain how to keep your .eu domain after Brexit.

EURid will be terminating all .eu domain names registered to UK addresses on one of two dates, pending further decisions within the Brexit process:

  • 30th March 2019 if the UK exits the EU with no deal
  • 1st January 2021 if the UK exits the EU with a deal

You may own domains that will be affected by this.

How to keep your .eu domain name

If you have an EU postal address, you can use it as your domain’s admin contact so that you can continue using the domain as normal. Please update your domain registration details to include your new address.

What if I don’t have an EU postal address?

Unfortunately, this means that you will lose your EU domain.

At this stage, if you do not have an EU postal address, we strongly suggest you:

  1. Purchase a new domain name
  2. Transfer your website over to your new domain
  3. Redirect your EU domain to the new website

If you have any questions and concerns about this news please see 123 Reg’s FAQs for more information.

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