Professional place branding that gets to the heart

Place branding is around us constantly. It’s a concept that the general public may not even be overtly aware off. But everywhere you look in towns, cities, and regions, there’s branding that identifies those places.

The challenge is to communicate the essence of the place. At Threerooms, we have developed our own deep-learning strategy over 14 years, which enables us to get to the heart of a community and craft professional place branding that works. We make it our mission to understand the nuances of an area—what makes it unique and compelling—and translate this through the place’s own, defined brand identity.

Talk to us about your place branding project. We will explain our process and show you how we’ve help create successful place brands for other clients. Get in touch today or speak to one of our team today on 0115 9061320.

Our place brand design team delivers projects for both city and regional initiatives that:

  • Encourage pride in a community
  • Support regional development
  • Boost local and international trade
  • Launch local regeneration projects

Putting it into practice

Our most recent place brand campaign included everything from the brand strategy to the name and brand identity design. Our team worked closely with Ashfield District Council as part of a place regeneration and trade initiative. A combination of workshops and one-to-one interviews with local business leaders and residents gave us the insight needed to create a brand that was bold and aspirational. This is turn inspired pride in the local Ashfield community and attracted investment in the area.

Along with experience working with international businesses and leading UK brands, Threerooms understands the demands of creating a place identity and the practicalities of its marketing. Fast and reliable, we have the the capacity to manage the whole project from concept to launch—getting to heart of the place, and the heart of people it wants to connect with.

Our approach to place branding

The Threerooms team is adept at finding and promoting the best aspects of a brand. That’s what we do best. In the initial brand workshop and throughout the project, we spend time with your team to:

  • Deeply understand the current situation, existing research, and any current branding to create a plan to move forward
  • Visit the area and get to know your team and share your aspirations for the project
  • Explore the needs of the different audiences (residents, groups, businesses, key stakeholders) and how to include them in the process
  • Understand the nuances of the different areas of the district
  • Discuss best-practice in place branding marketing
  • Carry out several exercises to discover the essence and personality of the brand
  • Speak with a range of stakeholders who can provide us with insights

Place brand design and consultancy services

Working closely with local teams, councils, and regional groups, Threerooms delivers complete commitment from our senior team of graphic designers and branding experts, who produce creative, modern, and stylish solutions for all aspects of place branding:

  • Brand strategy for a successful campaign
  • Logo and place brand identity design
  • Choosing a brand name that’s right
  • Website design and digital solutions
  • Animation and video to sell the benefits of the area
  • Promotional material, including place offer brochures
  • Event design and on-street advertising
  • Proposal and presentation templates
  • Ongoing marketing support

Awarded “The Midland’s Most Innovative Agency” by SME magazine and shortlisted for 11 industry awards by RAR, our cutting-edge place brand design team is well-versed in hitting deadlines and seeing projects through with passion from start to finish.

The three rules that are key to the success of a place branding project

1)  Understand the essence and nuances of the area

Taking this approach is the only way to create a brand that is genuinely authentic and reflective of the area.

2) Getting the right message to the right group

With a range of audiences, we need to understand each of their motivations.

3) Share a vision for an ambitious but realistic future

We create aspiring brands that people are proud of and want to get behind.

Arrange a free place brand consultation

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