Competing with the likes of Messenger, FaceTime and WhatsApp, Skype needed to reposition its focus and make a radical change in the form of its brand and interface. Earlier this month, the redesign was revealed.

Skype Rebrand

The new brand brings it inline with Microsoft products and services like Office, Bing and Windows, after Microsoft acquired Skype in 2011. Gone are the rounded font and bubbly clouds from the 2003 start-up, to instead be replaced with a simple ‘S’, retaining just a little hint of the fluffiness from its former design. The typography has been simplified, using a much more corporate straight sans-serif type.

Microsoft Office Logos

A more grown-up brand

The new brand has lost its consumer ‘startup’ feel in favour of a more ‘grown-up’ business approach. But as with every redesign, there is an intentional change – they are purposely re-aligning the brand in a bid to compete with the likes of other messaging channels; Messenger, FaceTime and WhatsApp.

In the early days, people saw Skype as a new and exciting way to keep in touch with family and friends. But there are now so many other ways to keep in touch with far away people. These new ways come across as more ‘on trend’ – especially for younger audiences – so Skype is moving to target itself as more of a business communication tool. The rebrand certainly cements this change.

Putting it into practice

Creating a brand family for Air-IT using colour and iconography

For one of our clients, Air-IT, an award-winning IT Support company in Nottingham, we have worked on a range of family brands, as well as their corporate branding.

The example below shows their Cloud offer, a comprehensive range of cloud-based services. Much like the Microsoft family – and many other brand families, consistency is important in keeping a unified feel.

Key considerations when creating a brand family:

  • A complimentary colour palette
  • If icons are used, make sure they share the same style
  • Keep fonts simple, and names short
  • Think about the future – what other brands might follow?

Air-IT Cloud Logos

Designing a corporate service brand for IT industry

International IT Distributor, Azlan, needed a range of service logos to help support and promote their offer to partner customers. They required a brand solution that was very close the the new corporate brand and, due to the scale of the organisation, and wide range of associated manufacturer brands, we needed to the solution simple. We chose a single colour from the corporate guidelines for the whole range of service logos. We then reflected the exact typography and distinctive corner mark from the corporate logo for a clear association and better recognition.

Azlan Channel Logos

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