They are oh-so-stylish and add a personal touch – but what is a Script font?

In this typography series, we understand what makes the selection of typography crucial. We explain how fonts help us to process information and how they change perceptions.

Back in the day

A style of penmanship, called Script, was a form of 17th-century handwriting created using a quill. Joined letters created fluid and flowing forms which made writing faster. 

The Script font was influenced by intricate letterforms, created by writing masters like George Bickham. It’s signature connected loops, arcs and varied thickness gave the script font character.

What is a script font?

There are two categories for the script font, the Formal and the Casual. Here I’ll explore the differences between the two. 

Formal scripts: These have an elegant and more traditional look. They are frequently used for invitations and other decorative announcements.

Casual scripts: A modern take on the formal, the casual script has an informal and human touch to their form. They are friendly and appealing and are often used on a variety of media and part of modern brand identities. Take a look at some examples of script fonts below.

what is a Script font? examples of script fonts

The modern influence

Inspired by traditional handwriting and calligraphy, the script font has also influenced. The modern brush script uses the original signature script form as its base. Its energetic stoke emulates handwriting with a thicker brush effect. Less technically correct to its predecessor, the modern brush font uses irregular characters. This enhances the human feel in its lettering and adds a playful twist. 

Whether they are traditional or modern, the script font still remains true to its signature and original foundations. It still remains a popular font choice for many applications.

Typography fact:

Many famous brands use the personal, authentic and human touch that script fonts emulate. Brands such as Kelloggs, Virgin Media, Coca-Cola and Kleenex all use script logo to aid their welcoming and friendly image.

Need some help?

There are many things to consider with a font whether it be in your logo or your day to day use. All Threerooms brands are created with carefully crafted logos and considered fonts. If you want to find your font, get in touch for a chat.

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