If you’ve been reading our series of font blogs you’re probably thinking a Serif is a Serif and how many can we cover? There’s one more to add to the trio of Serifs – the Slab-serif. Perhaps the lesser known, but it is in no means less important. Here we’ll explore, what is a Slab-serif font?

In this typography series, we understand what makes the selection of typography crucial. We explain how fonts help us to process information and how they change perceptions.

Something with a kick

Slab-serif fonts started emerging in the 1800s. They were used in early illustrative and woodblock advertising and have been popular since.

Nowadays, if your brand is looking for something with a pinch of quirkiness, then a Slab-serif might be what you need. Its iconic angles, curves and ‘kicks’ make the Slab-serif an easy font to distinguish. Many brands use a Slab-serif style font to their advantage, allowing them to stand out that extra bit.

Take a look at the Volvo, Sony and Honda logos below, these brands use a Slab-serif style font in their logos. This typeface allows these brands to stand proud, offering a more rugged, prominent look to their traditional sibling, Serif.

Defining Slab-serif fonts

We know Slab-serifs look great, but what makes them unique?

Take a look below, you can see their characteristic horizontal serif that adorns most characters – a typographic element that protrudes from the letters. The structure of each character also remains a consistent thickness, this differs from the serif fonts which have a structure that transitions between thick and thin. All Slab-serifs share these qualities.

Take a look below at some of the most popular Slab-serifs.

Typography fact:

The first known example of a Slab-serif letterform is woodblock lettering on an 1810 lottery advertisement from London. (Fact via Wikipedia)

Need some help?

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