Sarah Elliott came to Threerooms to do some work experience before she goes on to study Graphic Design at Nottingham Trent University. Here’s what she had to say about her time with us!

Interning at Threerooms was not what I expected at all – in a good way! I had spent a lot of time looking through their website beforehand and was really impressed by the projects they’ve worked on, but I still didn’t really know what to expect from a brand agency.

From day one, everyone was so friendly and helpful – it was inspiring to be around such an enthusiastic team. It’s shown me what exciting opportunities there are for a graphic designer in an agency and reaffirmed that I’ve chosen the right career path.

Having hands on experience, I built on my knowledge of more sophisticated design tools and software to professionally complete a design project. By the end, I was able to confidently approach projects and carry out effective research before even starting any design.

What surprised me was the creative process behind each project – I was surprised to learn how in-depth this is and how the team are constantly refining and evolving it.

I think the most fascinating part of my time at Threerooms was seeing a project begin and seeing it through to the end. It was amazing to see different members of the team have an input in everything that goes through the studio, and see the result. I love how the team collaborate on every project.

I’ve also been included in many staff meetings and discussions, and learnt how communication can not only improve a design, but is also the key to success in an agency.

Thank you for having me, Threerooms! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time with the team. I’ll also make sure to remember that “simplicity is key!”


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