The technology industry moves at a rapid pace, with tech companies having to keep up with ever evolving industry-standards. Creative campaign designs must be more engaging and unique than ever in order to stand out from the competition.

The Hawk brand makes a real statement and is exactly what we wanted to launch the new product. Threerooms were responsive and easy to work with. They were interested in spending time to get to know who we are, the company and what we want to achieve.

Charlotte, McCormick, Marketing Manager

Evolving an already successful product

Interactive Coding Equipment (ICE Coding) provides date, barcode and labelling solutions for products and packaging in the UK. Their latest product, Zodiac HAWK, is the world’s first Thermal Transfer Overprinter that checks its own print – an evolution of their existing product, Zodiac Vulcan.

ICE Coding engaged with Threerooms to design the creative for their integrated campaign for the launch of their new product, Zodiac HAWK.

Deriving from the already successful and market-leading Zodiac Vulcan, our challenge was to create a theme that’s bold enough to stand out from an already flawless product. Drawing on the benefits of the existing technology, whilst focusing on the even better performance and innovative features of the evolved version to create an engaging creative campaign design.

A core theme to translate across online and print

Recognising that one of the biggest feature advances is that the Zodiac HAWK check it’s own print, it was important to get across the idea of precision and powerful vision in the creative. With carefully crafted messaging, the tagline ‘Nothing gets past the hawk’ was born.

The bold line quickly became the dominant element for all the deliverables, alongside the dramatic image of a hawk. The intensity of the single eye really pulls the image through as the core theme. The stunning and bold colours help translate that powerful feel, representing the advanced features of the product.

Creative campaign design with a difference

We intentionally minimised the direct mail design, to prompt interest and create a sense of intrigue. The mailer was housed in a dark sleeve showing nothing other than the words ‘Nothing gets past the hawk’, revealing the hawk’s eye from underneath. Vague design for maximum impact.

We carried this theme across their website, direct mail and e-mail templates for a teaser series prior to the launch.

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