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Gentlemen's Scrub Club

A brand that behaves like a modern gent

A bold, high-end, and scalable visual identity for skincare brand that reinforces their core brand pillars of sustainability.

Gentlemen's Scrub Club brand image

Redefining skincare standards

Gentlemen’s Scrub Club is more than a skincare company. They create ethical skincare products for men who care how they look, respect how they feel and want to leave the planet in better shape than when they arrived.

They lead by example, encouraging their industry to address its environmental impact and change how it creates, packages and consumes goods. Together with their products and actions, they’re part of a sea change towards a totally sustainable planet.

A force for change, Gentlemen’s Scrub Club needed an image that was striking and oozed charisma, but in a responsible way that tied in their highly ethical scruples and premium, sustainable skincare products.

Importantly, they didn’t just want to attract customers. They were on a mission to grab the attention of more prominent brands and set the ethical bar high – challenging them to meet it… or feel the effect of them as competitors in a world that cares.

What we did

Brand strategy

Brand identity 

Brand guidelines

Brand DNA

Marketing materials

Social media toolkit

Ongoing support 

Threerooms translated our vision into a captivating and purposeful brand for our vegan skincare range. The creativity and dedication they brought to the table were exceptional. They understood our ethos, delivering a brand that not only resonates with our audience but also reflects our commitment to cruelty-free products.

Paul Doughty


Gentlemen's Scrub Club

Crafting heritage elegance through a visionary brand evolution

A bold, high-end, scalable visual identity system emerged based on a heritage theme. Using traditional men’s smoking clubs as a style reference, the image and tone set Gentlemen’s Scrub Club far apart from established, mainstream brands. What’s more, it reinforces their core brand pillars of sustainability and vegan ideals in a subtle, classic and highly-effective way.

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