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Engineered innovation.
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A product and people-focused brand transformation for world-leading manufacturer of electric tug solutions.

MasterMover logo

A brand with international impact


MasterMover is a world-leading manufacturer of electric tug solutions that improve safety and efficiency when moving heavy, large or unconventional loads. With a focus on innovation, research and development, MasterMover provides the widest range of electric tug products on the market.

Operating globally through direct relationships and a network of sales and service partners, they work with an enviable range of world-leading names across industrial manufacturing, retail and logistics.


Known for quality, innovation and dependable service, MasterMover is on a mission to be the partner of choice for material handling solutions worldwide.

Recognising important areas for growth, they wanted a brand that would position them in the optimum place. They wanted a simple, clear and crisp identity that would inspire and make people proud to be associated with them… both internally and externally. A key consideration was making the brand work for subsidiaries in their different global territories. They imagined a brand that would convey the reason behind MastersMover's impact on the world.


Striking clarity and precision emanate from the new brand. A visual, product and people-focused representation of MasterMover not only stands out from the competitor crowd but also makes it accessible the world over.

What we did

Brand strategy


Brand identity 

Brand guidelines

Brand DNA

Branded comms

Brand launch

Social media toolkit

Ongoing support 

Collaborating with MasterMover was a creative journey driven by passion and dedication. Their commitment to excellence and willingness to embrace new ideas made the branding process both smooth and inspiring. I'm thrilled to watch their ongoing success.

Ian Morris

CEO and Owner


A product and people-focused brand

With strong existing brand recognition, MasterMover was keen to keep elements of its current logo. A number of enhancements brought it in line with their future focus.

A cleaner, more established logo

We changed the typography to a single colour, using dark grey instead of black, removed the bevel and repositioned the registered trademark symbol. These enhancements give the brand a more balanced, established and grown-up feel, while making it much easier to use and apply, especially on machinery.

Tagline logo

The logo featuring our tagline, ‘Electric Tug Solutions’, reinforces what MasterMover does in cases where their purpose may not be explicitly stated.

Wordmark logos

Where MasterMover’s purpose is clear, like on a brochure with a distinct title or at the top of the website, a subtler approach is taken using a logo without the tagline.

Territory tagline logo

A range of tagline logos tailored for specific countries ensures contextual relevance within MasterMover's respective territories.

Performance in motion

Motion tracks signify the journeys the electric tugs make. Made up of simple, elegant lines, they draw focus and frame the MasterMover brand.

Slanted angle

A subtle nod to the angle already established in the current brand, the slanted angle reflects the positive forward motion of both the tugs and the business itself.

Line direction and soft corners

The lines bleed off in multiple directions, showing the journeys tugs take, and soft corners mimic the fluid motion they travel in during operation.

Slim line weight

The fine lines create a look of a technical and engineering-focused brand.

Image overlays and containers

The motion tracks can be used as overlays or containers on images to elevate the brand further.

Creating desire through product photography

Photography brings the MasterMover brand to life, highlighting the unrivalled capabilities of its innovative products and promoting the safety and efficiency they bring to industries worldwide.

Product heroes

Exhibiting their world-leading products, product photography showcases the quality and innovation that has been pioneered over the last 25 years.

Products in use

Natural, ‘in the moment’ photos show products at work, effortlessly moving large and heavy equipment with control and ease. These highlight the safety and efficiency they bring and build trust.


Our people are at the heart of MasterMover’s success, and including them visually emanates their passion and expertise alongside their friendly and genuine nature.


Industry-related images support product- and people-focused imagery, demonstrating how MasterMover helps deliver real-world projects.


The slim line weight reflects the lines in the motion tracks and gives a feel of movement and direction with breaks and overlaps.

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