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The Quadrant

Coworking office branding with community at heart

Workspaces, meetings, cafe and more. How we branded a new co-working office facility

The Quadrant workspace branding applied to social media

Introducing The Quadrant: a hub for community, work, and wellbeing

The Quadrant is a community-focused facility for work and play. With more people working remotely, The Quadrant offers a place to keep communities together. Offering contemporary office and meeting spaces buzzing with activity, it’s the ideal place for people to get a change of work scenery or meet up with teammates. But The Quadrant vibe doesn’t stop there. Studios offer small business space to ‘do their thing’, and the cafe and gym encourage people to look after their wellbeing by down-tooling for some R&R.

Driven by a passion to create a community hub that gives people and businesses a place to come together and thrive, The Quadrant was also aware of growing competition in the coworking space. They’d already addressed this by offering more than co-working with the presence of the gym, cafe and studios, but they needed a look that would catch the eye and entice people to be part of ‘The Quad’.

What we did

Brand identity 

Brand guidelines

Website design 

Social media toolkit

Working with The Quadrant was a creative journey filled with passion and dedication. Their commitment to excellence and openness to new ideas made the branding process smooth and inspiring. I'm excited to see their continued success - especially as it’s a local to a few of our team members!

Ian Morris

CEO and Owner


A cohesive identity rooted in vibrancy

A striking and fun visual identity stemmed from the shapes found in and around the building itself, and a list of keywords that described everything The Quadrant aspires to be: bold, minimal, characterful, clean, professional, edgy, quirky and relaxing.

The brand assets emit The Quadrant’s vibe even before you enter the building. It’s an identity that draws people in and gives a sense of cohesion between the space itself and the feeling within it.

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