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Targeted Provision

Reshaping alternative educational provision

Brand evolution for national trauma-informed tutoring business, helping strike the right note in education.

Logo design for education tutoring company

Helping school tutoring connect

Targeted Provision helps young people with unmet needs feel supported, heard and empowered to discover joy in learning and chart their own educational path with confidence and resilience.

Matching tutors and young people through a thoughtful alignment of experiences, needs and interests, they re-engage vulnerable young people with education through tailored, trauma-informed support and nurturing relationships.

This fast-growing business needed a fresh, market-leading look to match its progressive approach. In an industry that can be dry and difficult to navigate, they wanted to stand out with a simplified, supportive and warm identity that appeals to professionals and parents while keeping children at the heart of what they do.


Targeted Provision have inspired over 5,000 qualified teachers through the distinctive brand to join their mission in supporting the lives of vulnerable young people

What we did

Brand identity

Brand guidelines

Brand strategy

Brand DNA

Brand animation

Branded comms

Social media toolkit

Threerooms demonstrated a thorough approach to grasp our brand's nuances and market. Their flexibility and keen responsiveness to feedback ensured a very successful rebranding. An exceptional agency we wholeheartedly recommend.

Josh Nieboer


Targeted Provision

Revitalising education: a successful brand evolution

The rebrand delivers a transformative impact with a brand that emanates creativity, supportiveness and responsibility. Visually appealing and emotionally resonant, the branding cultivates a calm, confident, and imaginative feel that is easy for all involved to connect with. Reflecting the warmth of human interaction, the identity strikes a playful yet mature tone, capturing the positive fluidity of a young person's educational journey.

At Threerooms, we provide strategic advice and ambitious design to help Education brands stand out and thrive.

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