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Refine and redefine. Global branding for a shipping specialist

Refine and redefine. Branding evolution and marketing support for a global shipping specialist.

InXpress branded screens

Redefining shipping excellence for the modern world

InXpress is a leading global shipping specialist that provides reliable, cost-effective commercial shipping solutions from a range of global carriers, all delivered with outstanding customer service and commitment.

Our challenge was to modernise and redefine the InXpress brand while harnessing their core business values. Putting time and money benefits aside, ‘service’ is at the heart of their offer. This strong USP needed to be communicated to customers to create a genuine connection.

What we did

Brand strategy

Brand identity 

Brand guidelines

Brand DNA

Branded comms

Brand launch

Social media toolkit


Corporate video

Application UX design

Ongoing support 

Threerooms took the lead early and walked us through the process on our recent global brand refresh. We were genuinely excited after reviewing the concepts, and after a few minor tweaks were proud to roll-out the refresh to our management teams throughout 14 countries.

Lindsay Birley

CEO Asia Pacific


Sharpening global branding for seamless impact

We worked with InXpress to refine their global branding through succinct messaging and a sharper visual identity, all applied seamlessly across their global franchise network and marketing.

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