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River Advisers

Branding to shape the future of space technology and our world

Brand positioning for continued and accelerated growth.

River Advisers logo

Enabling the extraordinary

River Advisers is the partner of choice for satellite spectrum access services worldwide, supporting pioneering endeavours who shape the future of space technology and our world. Central to the industry’s and their clients' success,  they provide unparalleled consultancy and strategy, market access, regulatory relations, and spectrum filing services. This wrap-around support for satellite and telecom players, investors and ambitious innovators enables satellite services to launch, operate and thrive.

Wanting to capture their recent expansion into consulting work over the last five years, they needed a brand that would position them for continued and accelerated growth. Feeling their name – ManSat – was too niche, a rename was part of this project to bring the company’s personality, drive and focus to life.

A simple yet striking identity now communicates the agile, tenacious and resilient nature of River Advisers. Marking the beginning of an exciting new era, River Advisers now stands ready to navigate challenges, embrace opportunities and forge ahead – a true partner for transforming ambition into success. Together, we’ve created a future brimming with possibilities – for River Advisers and their clients.

What we did

Brand research

Brand strategy

Brand DNA

Brand naming

Brand identity

Brand guidelines

Branded comms

Brand launch

Social media toolkit


Website design

Ongoing support

We love our new brand! Leading a transformational rebrand (including renaming) can be challenging, but close collaboration with a superb agency and drawing on their extensive experience made the evolution from legacy brand to our new chapter seamless. We now have a crisp, authentic brand propelling us forward as we continue our aggressive growth trajectory.

Katherine Gizinski 


River Advisors

Crafting a dynamic brand identity

Communicating powerful direction

In the river's nature, we find inspiration – adaptable, powerful, yet calm and controlled. Just like a river, River Advisers carries, guides, and shapes… effortlessly overcoming obstacles along the way. Their approach is dynamic and unrelenting, propelling them, and their clients’, ever forward towards their shared goals.

Depicting frequency waves and seamless connectivity

At the heart of the identity, spectrum lines add subtle movement to the brand with horizontal lines gracefully spanning across a range of touchpoints. Featuring distinct top and bottom finishes, the upper portion gently feathers out lending a soft and inviting edge, while the lower part employs a subtle curve to define a striking and sharp contour.

Bringing the brand to life

Photography plays an important and expressive role in the River Advisers identity. When used with their typography and colours, the whole system comes to life. Their photography options fall into three categories:

  1. Consultants at work - Capturing genuine moments, the images evoke a natural and harmonious feel. Featuring positive, happy faces, the photography radiates warmth and trust, creating a strong connection with the audience.

  2. Galactic beauty - Awe-inspiring images of the Earth and vast expanses of space show the beauty and boundless wonder of the cosmos.

  3. Inspiring journeys - Showcasing the vital role River Advisers plays in key projects,  these positive and aspirational images demonstrate the end result – delivering improvements to life.

Want a brand with staying power? Let’s talk.

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