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Music Squad

Sharing the joy, friendship and adventure of music

A bold and exciting brand to engage children, parents and schools alike.

Music Squad logo design

Revolutionising music education: meet Music Squad

Music Squad has left stuffy music lessons of the past at the school gates – and brought a revolutionary new way for children to learn and love playing a musical instrument. Prioritising enjoyment over perfection, they provide lessons that are energetic, playful and often very silly! They want to share the immense value of learning an instrument and the joy and excitement of music-making with every child. 

 Music Squad wants a world where all children have the opportunity to enjoy a lifetime love of music making. But convincing busy parents and schools that learning an instrument is no longer the lonely, repetitive chore it used to be is no mean feat. So they needed a bold and exciting, but also professional, brand to engage children, parents and schools alike.

What we did

Brand strategy

Brand identity 

Brand guidelines

Brand DNA

Social media toolkit

Marketing assets

Website design 

Working with Threerooms was a dream from start to finish. Whilst setting up a new business from scratch, creating a brilliant and meaningful brand was one of my top priorities and something I was really nervous about... They really listened and created something meaningful and long-lasting that I'm proud of. It completely embodies the values and purpose I wanted to capture and has been absolutely instrumental to the business growth and development so far. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Hannah Donkin

Founder & Director

Music Squad

Harmonising futures: Music Squad's vibrant brand for musical innovation

The new brand immediately communicates the playful, energetic and youthful vibe at the core of Music Squad. The different elements forge a sense of connection and community, promoting a safe and welcoming environment where children can feel confident, relaxed and free to express themselves through music.

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