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Build Audience Personas

Build fictional profiles for segments of your audience, guiding personalised connections and timely delivery of messages, offers, and products.

No longer will you be guessing - discover their profiles, motivations, and needs - all in one place.

Dive into your customers' minds with our FREE template designed for all marketers and business professionals to help find out what they really want.

Why do you need this?

Crafting Audience personas for each customer group helps to shape marketing, content, messaging, product development, services, and many other critical business functions.


They allow you to segment activity and tailor to a specific audience.

Increase ROI and create marketing content that truly connects.

Marketing audience personas:

  • Segment contacts for sales and marketing

  • Help ensure everybody is on the same page

  • Help focus your efforts on the best customers

  • Develop desirable products and services

  • Run more successful promotions

  • Deliver more targeted messages


Threerooms audience personas template
Download your free template
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The Threerooms team enjoying an outdoor session

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