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Anatomy of a brand: uncover your brand story

Agency tip: "Writing a list of key moments in the life of a business. Who founded it? What was the world like in those days? What was the ambition, then and now? What was the spark that kicked things off? Get a copywriter involved to smooth it out and to add a fresh perspective¨

We’re running a series of blog posts that offer advice on how to plan, implement and optimise your brand. This week Kirsty focuses on how a brand story can help consumers emotionally connect with your business.

Everyone loves a story, create one for your brand that people can buy into

Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away…it doesn’t matter what the medium is, a good story is powerful and stays with us. Stories connect with people, create emotional attachment and can be retold. This is everything you need your brand to do too, so you need to make sure your brand story is clear, on target and easily retold to create your happily ever after.

Using your brand to tell a story is not a new thing

Many founders of the past are still at the forefront of brands, KFC and Jack Daniels still use theirs today. Brands like TOMS, Innocent and Guinness have developed a sense of personality and community over the years to connect with customers and build brand loyalty. Ties to heritage and/or charitable issues have been woven into their ethos, creating a sense of familiarity and humanity.

Draw people in by placing your brand story at the heart of what you do

The About Us page on your website or a page in a brochure is the perfect places to incorporate your brand story. It needs to be a truthful and informative representation of everything you are, whilst creating an engaging read. Start with a bit of history, covering some important dates and events, bringing to life a few key characters from the past. Highlighting what the company was set up to do, who it has been of service to and how that might have changed over the years can help the direction and flow. But don’t forget the present – what drives the company today and you & your colleagues create the character that exists now.

A brand story can support other aspirations

Having a good brand story acts as a secondary sales pitch. Cover the journey that your brand has taken, with all the interesting twists and turns. Explain how you started out, your early goals, how you’ve added value to people’s lives along the way. After reading it, you want people to have bought into what you’re about, remember it and be able to pass that information on to others. Once it’s in place you can set to creating the next chapter.

We’ve helped businesses look objectively and establish the true characteristics of their brand – download our Anatomy of a Brand eGuide so you can do the same or contact us to discuss how we can enhance your business by redefining your brand.

What’s your brand story? Share with us, we’d love to hear!

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