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Asda’s rebrand: a fruitful approach to branding

When a major supermarket like Asda decides to rebrand, it needs to be spot on. With millions of loyal customers, changing too much or making changes for the wrong reasons can backfire big time. It can be confusing and any trust or credibility can be lost immediately.

Asda rebrand bag

The rebrand, executed by Havas London, is a notable example of thoughtful and strategic brand evolution. This transformation aims to unify and personalise Asda’s identity, addressing the brand fragmentation that has developed over time.

In this blog, we talk about the rebrand and what it means for the supermarket.

Why did Asda rebrand?

Over the years, Asda’s brand identity has become fragmented due to its rapid evolution. With it not being just a grocery store that you'd immediately think of; Asda also offers a range of services from Pharmacy, clothing and photo-printing to mobile phone and fuel stations.

Plus, it has a strong presence across multiple digital platforms, making it essential for the brand to stay relevant beyond traditional media outlets.

As the world keeps changing, established brands like Asda must also adapt and grow.

Asda rebrand mock ups

Dual colour scheme and custom typography

One of the coolest changes is the new colour scheme. Asda’s iconic green gets refreshed with a brighter primary green and a new darker secondary green. This keeps the brand's long-time colour while making it pop more.

But the real standout is the typography. The new main font, Asda Headline, is entirely unicase, blending the smoothness of lowercase letters with the boldness of capitals. This unique font choice, crafted with Colophon, gives Asda a distinctive and modern look.

Asda rebrand typography

Havas did a deep dive to create the right typographic direction, choosing two display fonts and two text fonts that show off Asda’s personality everywhere. The open sans serif font, inspired by old-school hand-painted grocery signs, adds a local, friendly feel to the brand.

Numbers are super important for Asda’s signage, and the rebrand nails it with playful details like the unique crossbar on the pound sign to indicate pence. This adds some character to price tags and signage.

Fruit stickers are another fun element. They’re a clever way to share information without clutter, making the design feel light and engaging. These stickers are hard-working, versatile assets that keep things lively - bringing flexibility into every comms piece and campaign.

Asda rebrand visuals

The new tagline, ‘That’s more like it’, is all about making the brand feel more relatable. It was quietly introduced earlier and now it’s front and centre in Asda’s branding, aligning perfectly with the goal of a friendlier customer experience.

Overall, the Asda rebrand is a fantastic example of how to create a cohesive, flexible, and modern brand identity. By mixing traditional elements with fresh ideas, they’ve crafted a look that stands out and feels right at home in today’s market.

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