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Behind the Scenes: Visual Communication

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Illustration has been around since the birth of language and is one of the key assets in visual communication. So if images can speak a 1,000 words, what will it say about your brand?

Let’s see proof of how illustrations bring brands to life.

We are all visual animals

Visual communication was the cornerstone in the evolution of visual language. To aid their limited verbal skills, our aboriginal ancestors used cave paintings to communicate and document. This was the beginning of story-telling through imagery – an illustrative approach which was used throughout the years.

Sketches of cartoons

Birth of advertising

Since the beginning of advertising, visual communication has been used to make products enticing. Jules Cheret, a French painter, captured the spirit and enthusiasm of each item, or event, he illustrated. From the luxury lifestyle of french tonic wines, or the latest exciting event at the Moulin Rouge, Cheret developed the essence of advertising – create emotional connections. It was through his works, that visual communication remained a core asset of advertising.

Visual communication

Visual communication is a powerful asset to brands today. It is crucial that brands connect emotionally with their audience and there is no better way than through visuals. Brands have competition, which makes standing out from the crown an ever-increasing challenge. Hand-crafted illustrations add an inspiring, quirky and creative element to something that could otherwise be quite dull or passive. They can truly make a brand come to life.

Sketch of a building with people walking under an arch

Bringing brands to life

We are experts in making brands stand out. The best way to achieve this is to bring the brand to life. Over the years we have created bespoke illustrations that make brand mascots true leaders and have transformed dull areas into exciting spaces. Engaging with your audience through visual communication can add great benefits to your brand. After all, imagery is a huge part for our imagination.

Sketch of "Frosty Yak" with mountains and clouds

Frosty Yak packaging

Set your brand apart with custom illustrations. Get in touch!

A specialist brand agency

An award-winning branding agency, Threerooms has spent over 15 years making brands stronger and businesses more successful. Whether modernising brands with meaning or crafting effective marketing campaigns, our amazing team is focused on delivering brand transformation while providing exceptional customer service.   

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