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Anatomy of a brand: brand purpose for an authentic brand

Brand purpose - Graphic of a boot with wings, representing "the feet, dear boy"

We’re running a series of blog posts that offer advice on how to plan, implement and optimise your brand. This week we focus on brand purpose and why this should be at the heart of all your business activity.

What does your brand offer your consumers?

Establishing your customer’s deepest cares and desires are what affects how a consumer connects with your brand. The way your brand makes them feel is the purpose of the brand. A meaningful and powerful brand purpose is essential for your brand to build authentic and genuine relationships with your audience.

Take the Dove brand, their purpose is to encourage self-confidence and celebrate natural beauty in women, and promote non-conformist attitudes towards industry ideals. So their customers often feel empowered and in turn, compelled to use their products. This is a great example of a brand whose purpose is consistently communicated through its advertising and product packaging.

You must be authentic

Your brand’s purpose needs to be authentic, and this comes from understanding what you can offer and how you deliver it. As a branding agency, our first challenge is to establish what your company’s brand purpose is, as this should be at the core of all marketing communications.

This shouldn’t just affect your marketing activity however, this should affect all business decisions. The purpose of your business is the reason your brand exists – it should be at the heart of everything in the business, including your employees – if your staff don’t have a clear understanding of what your brand purpose is then how will they ever be able to sell the brand? They are, after all, your strongest advocates.

Brand purpose and brand values go hand in hand

Take a look at our earlier post on brand values. Defining both is key in creating a strong brand and culture that stands out from the crowd of similar businesses, and remaining true to these factors means your customer perceptions will be exactly how you set them out to be.

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We’ve helped businesses look objectively and establish the purpose of their brand – download our Anatomy of a Brand eGuide so you can do the same or contact us to discuss how we can enhance your business by redefining your brand.

What’s your brand purpose? Share with us, we’d love to hear!

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