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Cancer Research UK’s brand refresh to reflect its true impact

In a world where branding and messaging play a pivotal role in shaping public perception, Cancer Research UK has taken a bold and impactful step forward.

Recent changes in their brand strategy have sparked a profound shift in how the charity connects with its audience. This strategic brand refresh isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about reshaping the narrative and creating a deeper, more emotional connection with supporters.

Cancer Research UK Logo

In this article, we highlight the significant role a thoughtfully executed rebrand can play in an organisation’s mission, reaffirming the importance of Cancer Research UK’s commitment to making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

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Cancer Research UK brand shift

Rather than focusing solely on the scientific aspect of their mission, Cancer Research UK has strategically honed in on demonstrating the positive impact they have on cancer patients and their families. To better reflect this shift, the charity has updated its tagline from ‘Together we will beat cancer’ to ‘Together we are beating cancer’, emphasising the progress Scientists are making every day.

This small but significant word update serves as a reminder that every contribution matters and contributes to the ongoing battle against the disease. It has now become the foundation of their wider campaign launched this month; ‘We are’.

A campaign to inspire donations

The ‘We are’ campaign showcases moments experienced by cancer survivors and highlights the progress made by scientists tackling cancer. This change in approach is a powerful way to connect donors with the real-life impact of their contributions, bridging the gap between the donors and the tangible impact of their support. With the ultimate aim of inspiring further donations, by highlighting the importance of ongoing research and funding.

Brand refresh

So into the nitty gritty. The updated logo continues to use circles, but these have been simplified to symbolise special moments in the journey to beating cancer. It retains its magenta, cyan, and navy colour palette for print and digital visibility, and to maintain recognition amongst a wide audience.

They’ve adopted a new photographic style to emphasise authenticity, featuring candid images of various audience groups, and a unique hybrid font aims for consistent communication across audiences.

This brand refresh aims to inspire people to support the charity’s work and highlight the human impact of their efforts in the fight against cancer. It’s a smart and effective way to tell the charity’s story and engage a wider audience.

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What can we learn from this?

Cancer Research UK’s rebrand is a pivotal and strategic move in their ongoing mission to combat cancer. By shifting their focus from a purely scientific perspective to a more holistic approach that highlights the real-life impact on patients and their families, the charity has taken a crucial step forward. This rebrand not only resonates with donors and supporters on a deeper emotional level but also dispels misconceptions, which is needed to build stronger connections with its audience groups.

This rebrand is a huge step for Cancer Research UK. It provides a fresh and engaging way to communicate the charity’s story and successes, fostering a stronger connection between donors and the tangible results of their contributions. In a time when economic challenges are a real concern, this revamped approach ensures that Cancer Research UK continues to effectively direct funds into research while simultaneously conveying the human impact of their efforts.

In conclusion, the rebrand serves as a powerful tool to inspire and mobilise individuals to support the charity’s vital work. It reinforces the idea that progress is being made every day, and that together, we are indeed beating cancer. As a result, Cancer Research UK’s rebrand is not just a cosmetic change but a strategic shift that reinforces the importance of their mission and their unwavering commitment to making a difference in the lives of those affected by cancer.

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