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5 steps to planning a brand launch

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Whether you’re rebranding or creating an identity from scratch, your success depends not only on a distinctive brand strategy, but on a well-planned launch. If you’re rebranding, you already have loyal followers that will need to know of the change. If you’re launching a new brand, your audience will need to know about it.

Either way, your audience needs to hear about it repeatedly so they remember your values and why you’re relevant to them. In the end, it’s all about creating loyalty so they choose your brand over the competition.

Launching a brand

So, you’ve established your new snazzy brand and now’s the time to show it off.

You know why you’ve made the decision to rebrand, but your customers don’t. You’ve been on the journey from the start so you are fully aware of the goals and ambitions behind the exercise. Let them in on it too. Stimulating interest and engagement by being transparent with them will make them feel even more loyal to your brand.

Don’t forget staff

Your staff are just as important. They are the first point of contact with a customer and therefore the face of the company. If your staff are happy, every other goal is achievable.

If they don’t understand the vision, the brand becomes diluted and disjointed as they can’t advocate a brand they don’t understand. You need it to be consistent and coherent, across all communications. Get them involved during the process so they feel valued and a part of it.

The big reveal

Talk to them about what’s been happening. Present the new brand style, sharing the vision and communicating the importance of the brand, talking through the visuals and the journey. Create teaser communications and games to get everyone involved and engaged.

When presenting the brand to staff, you need to explain the initial decision to rebrand and make sure the proposition is clear. The aim is to create an emotional connection between staff and your brand so they become more invested – so a personal delivery is more likely to inspire them, and have a higher chance of engagement.

For your customers

Consider an event to showcase your new identity. Present your values, purpose and why the rebrand benefits them. Getting everyone together means they feel more united and gives you the opportunity to give them new collateral – giving them something tangible allows them to start using and owning the new brand immediately.

Consider a powerful motivational video. It’s the most impactful way of presenting your values and purpose in a way that’s easier to digest – no one can resist a bit of animation!

Need a little help with launching a brand, or think you’ve missed something? Download our helpful checklist below to ensure you’re planning effectively.

Print it off, scribble on it – do whatever you want with it!

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