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Launching a brand identity to staff – it’s a big deal

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Launching a brand identity is an exciting time for your company, but go steady, you need to make sure your staff are onboard first.

Get staff involved in the brand launch

The launch of a brand identity to staff is of utmost importance, especially considering how personally invested some members can be. So, in order to get optimum ‘buy-in’, we recommend a pre-launch of the new identity to your team. Normally this will be in the form of at a short presentation led by your creative agency but can be a more glamorous affair at a nice venue with drinks and nibbles – after all, it’s a big moment for the company.

Getting buy-in from the whole team

Getting the whole team together is not only good for general morale but gives your creative agency chance to explain the reasons for the branding project, the effect it has on the business, the importance of everyone’s commitment, and also any findings from market research.

The big reveal

Then comes the exciting bit – especially for the brand agency and marketing team – the reveal of the new brand identity. This should be gradual and explained clearly, showing the full scope of the changes. The whole team from management down to admin need to know the reasons for the changes and certain design decisions, and how it will affect their business – it’s not just a fancy logo or new colour scheme but a whole new brand strategy to help increase future revenue from customers!

Launching a brand to your team ensures that:

  1. Staff hear why the process was important for the business

  2. Staff see the new brand in use and can hear how it came about

  3. Staff understand what the new brand stands for, the services and attitudes; its very reason for being

  4. Staff learn how to correctly use the new branding and associated tools

  5. Staff understand their role in bringing the new brand to life

  6. Staff learn that old branded comms are now ‘banned’

  7. Staff feel included, that their voices are heard and become brand ambassadors in their own right

  8. Staff have a chance to ask questions

Once you have staff on board then the main brand launch to customers and the outside world is going to be even better. You’ll find that staff are actively telling customers about the changes and why it’s going to make their business even better.

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