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New Year, New Look


The new year is upon us. Here’s how to make it a positive one for you and your business, despite the testing times we find ourselves in…

Chances are you’ve just had a Christmas like never before, with most of your plans put on hold and a much quieter celebration than you’re used to. And now we find ourselves in 2021 – a year that holds a lot of uncertainty, yes, but ultimately a fair bit of hope, too. Hope that things can and will get better.

New Year can be a great time to take life by the scruff of the neck and make some changes. And, like most of the nation, you’ll probably find you’re craving that more than ever this January. As we wave goodbye to the strangest year ever, it makes sense that you’ll want to start 2021 with a fresh focus and a new set goals to strive for.

But it’s no secret that (whisper it) most people don’t keep new year resolutions. In fact, by mid Feb around 80% of people have parted ways with their list and gone back to normal.

Here’s the thing, though. It’s all in the way you go about it.

A fresh approach

Firstly, ditch the negatives. No more ‘No mores’. Instead, think along the lines of ‘I will’. Positive language only, please.

Secondly, be specific. Plan how you’re going to achieve your goal.

‘No more eating rubbish’ becomes ‘I will start eating fruit four times a day’.

‘Stop drinking so much’ becomes ‘I will have a glass of wine on Fridays and Saturdays’.

‘Spend less time surgically attached to my phone’ becomes ‘I’ll switch off at 8pm every night’.

Get the idea?

Nailing your business goals

This approach extends to your professional goals as well. Almost every business owner on the planet will start the new year with an eye on what they want to achieve in the next 12 months. And ‘Grow my business’ is woollier than the bobble hat you opened on Christmas morning.

Specifics like ‘Get 10 new clients each quarter’, ‘Achieve 10,000 monthly hits on my website’, ‘Post daily updates on social media’ give you a much clearer target to work towards.

And with your list drawn up, it’s time for the million-dollar question – how will I tick this lot off?

Hardly surprising then that new year is a prime time for companies to put their brand under the microscope, with lots concluding a refresh is in order.

Time for a revamp?

But rebranding takes time and money – how do you know if your business is in need of a new year makeover? Start by asking yourself these six questions…

1. Has my company changed?

All sorts of things may have changed since your visual ID was designed. It could be something simple like you’ve changed your products or services, or it could be your whole company has evolved and your current ‘outfit’ just doesn’t fit any more.

2. Is my brand current?

Consumer preferences are changing faster than Lewis Hamilton on a title mission, and even the most popular brands can suddenly seem passé. Ask yourself if your image still ‘speaks’ to your intended audience in 2021.

3. Would a new image help me reach a wider audience?

If one of your goals is to attract new customers, launching a fresh look is one of the most effective ways of widening your net. It’s a great way to get noticed and change outdated perceptions of what you’re all about.

4. Has the marketplace changed?

It could be things have hotted up in terms of the competition and you no longer stand out. Ask yourself if your company is getting lost in a sea of similar businesses. A rebrand is an effective way to highlight what makes you the best choice.

5. Is my company image consistent?

If your business has evolved over time, chances are cracks have started to appear in your overall image. A makeover is a chance to get your marketing seamless, however people decide to engage with you. And consistency is key when it comes to winning trust in a digital world.

6. Is my brand appearing on all the right channels?

The twilight zone that was 2020 has seen the demand for digital media go through the roof. Are you upping your on-screen presence and maximising the value of social media? A rebranding campaign that puts digital at its heart can be the push your company needs.

A sliding scale

There’s plenty to think about. And remember, a rebrand doesn’t have to mean a total overhaul. In fact, go too radical when it’s not appropriate and you could end up alienating your current customer base. The makeover scale is vast, ranging from a refresh of fonts and colourways to a total brand redesign. You just need to find the right fit for you.

Another consideration is whether it’s less about rebranding your company and more about launching a killer campaign. Perhaps you’ve got something to shout about, or you’re marking a major milestone. Sometimes a one-off campaign can do wonders for attracting attention and breathing new life into your business.

Once you’ve decided which route is for you, it’s time to work out whether to tackle the project in-house or outsource the job – you can read the pros and cons for that here.

Whichever route you go down, though – remember to regularly check back to your list of goals. At each step of the redesign, think about how it’ll help you clinch those new clients, the extra hits on your website, or whatever else is on your 2021 wish list. Then, come mid-February, when other people are feeding their list of resolutions into the shredder, you can be well on your way to ticking them off.

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