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Retro rebrand – brands going back to their roots

Picture of a retro typewriter with text "Branding"

Over the past year or so there has been a noticeable trend for brands to rebrand by going back to their roots and revert back to their old logo designs (we have previously discussed the simplifying of logos here). Why are big brands such as Coop, Polos, Natwest, Kodak and Coca-Cola looking back to the archives rather than choosing a ‘new’ approach?

Some of this inevitably comes down to another trend of minimising brands and design as a whole, where companies are looking to simplify their offering in a bid to look more honest, more approachable and more transparent by removing unnecessary ‘noise’ such as shadows, gradients and effects. Brands want to appear more friendly, and even big corporates are trying to lose the stuffy approach so they appear to be ‘one of us’.

Old and new Coca-Cola branded cans

Old and new Polo branded mints

Old and new Kodak brand (1987-currrent)

Old and new The co-operative logo from 1968

Why go retro?

In our fast paced world, everything is constantly changing. The way we work, interact, and the way we communicate is all changing on a daily basis. It feels like a new smartphone is released every few months, there are a plethora of social media channels to keep up with, another new app to send a message or add your photos to. Then there’s virtual reality, augmented reality, driverless cars, holidays in space, robots serving our coffee – you get the picture. It can be a bit much especially for those of us over 25!

A sense of nostalgia and experience

By going back to original logo designs it feels like we are slowing things down. It gives a sense of nostalgia and a warm feeling, and is perhaps nice for us to look back fondly on the ‘good old days’. It showcases knowledge, experience and heritage which can really help a company to stand out from young startups trying to steal a piece of the pie.

Having said this, you do need some good roots to trace back and know that people think fondly of your brand otherwise it might not quite have the results you expect.

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