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The reason behind RSPCA's first rebrand in 50 years

This marks a significant shift away from a previously perceived “cold and authoritarian” image to a new identity that will help to raise public awareness about animal welfare.

RSPCA logo

It's a pivotal moment for the RSPCA as it undergoes a significant transformation, preparing to tackle urgent issues facing animals today. Chris Sherwood, the chief executive of the RSPCA, points out the increasing challenges from intensive farming, climate change, and urbanisation, which impact both farmed and wild animals. This has prompted the organisation to evolve its brand, aiming to broaden its appeal and reengage with the community.

In this blog, we talk about the rebrand and what it means for the Charity.

Why did RSPCA rebrand?

The iconic octagonal shape of the RSPCA logo was once a staple for the 200-year-old charity but, as with everything long-standing, it had become a symbol of an outdated image. Ellen Moriarty, design director at Jones Knowles Ritchie (JKR), explained, “RSPCA has led animal welfare for two centuries. However, their old brand image didn’t showcase their pioneering role.” In response, JKR has revitalised the brand, moving away from the traditional octagon to introduce an open, inclusive design.

We're big fans of RSPCA's rebrand. We love the unique type and iconography, and how it ties together using the same curve points. A great example of a tight brand and how this can help both ease of application and also the recognisable factor.

Animation of how the letter R is considered

Brand flexibility

With a focus on human connection, the rebrand aims for an upbeat and approachable tone. A key element is a redesigned brand mark and a new, flexible octagonal frame that highlights the diversity of animals under the RSPCA’s protection. This new framework allows for flexible localised branding – branches accross the UK are able to personalise their logo with this shape and a selection of illustrations that best represent their local efforts.

As part of the visual updates, the RSPCA has transitioned to a brighter blue, optimised for digital platforms, catering to a modern audience. Additionally, JKR agency has developed a custom typeface inspired by historical protest placards found in the RSPCA’s archives. This new typeface includes subtle details that complement the new illustrations, further distinguishing and personalising the brand’s unique identity.

The result is a brand identity that supports rather than limits the charity’s work.

The rebrand is more than a visual update; it’s a pivotal moment to raise public awareness about animal welfare.

With this new platform, a broader campaign has been created which aims to inspire incremental positive actions for animal welfare. The campaign includes a film and a media strategy covering TV, cinema, outdoor, and digital platforms.

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