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The top 3 branding trends

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1 - Bigger and bolder type

Something that has been seen more and more recently is the dramatic use of typography.

2022 kicks off a ‘no fear’ approach to using bold copy in ways that seemingly ‘breaks the mould’. Big bold type along with breaking the confinements of standard justification, means that we see some interesting and unique layouts, helping brands become more memorable in an over-saturated space.

To achieve the right balance of structured and playful, it’s important that there is a use of strong grids with this approach, otherwise you run the risk of presenting as too unruly. The Swiss grid system is a firm go-to for championing asymmetrical type layouts which are pleasing on the eye, make a big impact and stand out as strong design. Check out some of these examples that play around with typefaces to achieve a similar impact 👇🏼

Example of how Surreal has used bigger and bolder type in their campaigns

2 - Breaking the boundaries

There’s a lot of noise out there. With brands needing to stay ahead of the competition and thrive, standing out from the crowd is crucial. Whilst the pandemic has been like a draining battery for us all, it has bred new approaches to thinking and working in creative ways.

Want to be bold? There are no limits.

Use tech to your advantage. Whether that’s motion, ai, or simply breaking the norms when it comes to layouts, do it.

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The post-Covid world sees us uniting more and more with international teams and talent. With a push towards the online world, there has been more opportunity for collaborations and sharing skills. This can only lead to a more creative output for the future.

3 - Illustrations are here to stay

Keeping in line with my two previous points, brands are ensuring their identities remain unique and memorable.

Bespoke illustrations are a perfect way to embrace a brand’s tone and personality. `They result in vast and varying styles which hone into any particular style a brand wants to achieve.

Want to be authentic? Loose vector or hand-drawn elements can achieve this.

A perfect example is Dropbox and Mailchimp. Their personality-fueled illustrations are unique to their brand while bringing a smile. On the opposite end of the spectrum, an illustration style that maximises 3D can bring a bold and edgy flavour.

Check these examples and you can see how varied bespoke illustrations can be 👇🏼

Bespoke Ilustrations

Another example of bespoke Illustrations, using targeted colouring

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